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Our History

What Drives Us

At Beach Bernedoodles, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into a successful breeding program. Our mission is to share quality support animals with loving families. We breed our animals to have friendly and playful, yet calm dispositions, where they can fit in seamlessly as incredible family support pets.


We started in 2020 when our first Bernedoodle Daisy came home. We adopted Daisy for the purpose of providing companionship and comfort to a family member experiencing major transition. Daisy passed every health and OFA screening test, and later became a registered emotional support animal and PSA. With her remarkable personality, a sense of calm in any circumstance, playful nature and high EQ, many other families began asking for pups like her.


Beach Bernedoodles found a match for Daisy, focused on health and personality, with the ambition to provide families with companion pets and service animals. This dream was realized in 2023, when Daisy delivered her first litter of healthy pups just before Mother's Day!


Beach Bernedoodles operates with a focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We strive to breed the best animals we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve.  Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

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